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The Vittoria region is one of the most important agricultural areas in southern Sicily. Its history dates back to ancient times and there are records documenting the Greek colony of Kamarina, founded in 589 B.C. by the Syracusan aristocrats Dascone and Menecolo, where vines were already flourishing. Many centuries later, on 24th April 1607 the countess Vittoria Colonna Henriquez founded the town of Vittoria.
Vittoria's wines boast a long tradition and have been popular since the end of the 19th century when they were exported to the rest of Europe, whose vineyards were suffering from phylloxera. Cerasuolo di Vittoria, one of the first Sicilian wine to be awarded the D.O.C. quality status in 1973, is produced from the indigenous Nero d'Avola and Frappato grapes. The quality of this elegant Sicilian wine style has now been further recognised by Cerasuolo di Vittoria achieving DOCG status in 2005.
Today, the renaissance of top quality Sicilian wines is once again founded on the success of these two grape varieties growing in the exceptional Sicilian climate.